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Part 4: Billy McFarland on Lying to Investors to Raise $40M for Fyre Festival, Paid Artists $5.3M
Part 2: Billy McFarland on Partnering with Ja Rule to Launch Fyre Media
Part 1: Billy McFarland on Designing Websites for The Weeknd, Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West


Billy McFarland discussed the chaotic creation of the infamous Fyre Festival, initially planned on Pablo Escobar's former private island. McFarland admitted to dubious financial claims, stating Fyre Media was worth $90 million despite only doing $60,000 in business. Assembling a team in early Fall 2016, McFarland's vision for a high-profile festival quickly spiraled out of control. The original location was lost after a promotional video mentioned Escobar, resulting in a cease-and-desist order. They relocated to a different island in the Bahamas, ironically still linked to Escobar through his attorney. McFarland confessed to lying to investors and misjudging the massive logistical differences between hosting a small event in New York and building a festival city from scratch. He revealed paying $250,000 to Kendall Jenner for promotional posts, underscoring the misplaced priorities and naivety that doomed the event.