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Part 3: Billy McFarland Tried Using Escobar's Island for Fyre Festival, Paid Kendall Jenner $250K
Part 1: Billy McFarland on Designing Websites for The Weeknd, Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West


Before co-founding the ill-famed Fyre Media with rapper Ja Rule, Billy McFarland had an intriguing journey, including the unexpected creation of a successful venture known as Magnises. McFarland recalled how, at just 22, he forged a unique metal credit card resembling the elite American Express black card. This innovative idea arose during a dinner where he felt overshadowed by a peer’s black card.

The resulting status symbol gained him instant social perks and led to widespread interest among young, ambitious professionals. Magnises pivoted to a membership club that provides exclusive benefits tailored to millennial lifestyles, attracting significant venture capital interest and brand partnerships, including with Tesla. The venture thrived, generating over $10 million in revenue from customer fees before McFarland's attention shifted towards launching Fyre Media alongside Ja Rule—a venture that ultimately overshadowed his earlier successes.