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Part 2: Billy McFarland on Partnering with Ja Rule to Launch Fyre Media


Billy McFarland, founder of the notorious Fyre Festival, took a trip down memory lane, revealing how his childhood fascination with computers paved the way for designing websites for music giants like The Weeknd, Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West. McFarland, who grew up in a New Jersey suburb, discovered his passion for technology in fifth grade when he first got his computer. Despite a conventional upbringing with real estate developer parents, McFarland's life took an unconventional turn as he began to explore the nascent world of the Internet. By middle school, he was developing social networks, showcasing a knack for pushing the boundaries of digital entrepreneurship. McFarland shared his brief stint at Bucknell University where he studied computer engineering before dropping out to pursue an ad tech startup. His knack for digital creativity ultimately led to opportunities designing websites for top-tier artists in the music industry, cementing his mark in the tech world.