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Part 5: Billy McFarland on Selling Fyre Fest Tickets for $500K, Ja Rule Inviting Vlad to Festival
Part 3: Billy McFarland Tried Using Escobar's Island for Fyre Festival, Paid Kendall Jenner $250K
Part 1: Billy McFarland on Designing Websites for The Weeknd, Rihanna, Drake and Kanye West


Billy McFarland opened up about the notorious Fyre Festival, disclosing deeper insights into the chaotic event that aimed to host 6,000 attendees over two weekends on a remote island lacking essential infrastructure. McFarland revealed the lengths he went to make the event seem viable, including paying local residents to vacate their homes, installing 800 tents, and chartering boats. Despite knowing the impracticalities, McFarland insisted on moving forward to avoid admitting his deceit to investors. In just four months, he managed to raise $30-40 million. McFarland also discussed the festival's music lineup, featuring headliners like Blink-182 and artists from GOOD Music. He confirmed that nearly all 30 artists were paid a total of $5.3 million, although some later faced lawsuits.