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Part 14: Charles Cosby on Griselda Sending Him 50 Kilos Worth $2 Million, Becoming a Millionaire
Part 12: Charles Cosby (23) on Writing Griselda (48) in Prison, Kissing Her at 1st Prison Meeting
Part 1: Charles Cosby on His Mom Catching His Dad Being Gay, Becoming Alcoholic After He Left


Charles Cosby admitted to having an intimate relationship with the infamous Griselda Blanco, despite her being twice his age and overweight. Blanco, notorious as the 'Godmother' was already a criminal legend when Cosby began his relationship with her. Despite the unconventional circumstances, Cosby claims to have been deeply in love with her. He boldly confessed to having slept with Blanco around 100 times when visiting her in prison, an act which earned him the label of 'prison boyfriend'. The remarkable story of their relationship throws new light into the no-less-unusual life of Griselda Blanco, who was noted for her ruthless tactics in the drug world and her eccentric lifestyle. Cosby's revelations provide a fresh understanding of the powerful allure Blanco held over her lovers, and a rare insight into the personal life of one of the most feared women in criminal history.