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Part 15: Charles Cosby on Getting Robbed for 100 Kilo Deal Griselda Set Up, Robber Getting Killed
Part 13: Charles Cosby Slept with Griselda 100 Times in Prison, She Was Twice His Age & Overweight
Part 1: Charles Cosby on His Mom Catching His Dad Being Gay, Becoming Alcoholic After He Left


Charles Cosby recounted how he received 50 kilos of cocaine from notorious drug lord Griselda Blanco. He detailed their relationship and his rapid ascension from a "small fish in a big ocean" to being a delivery manager for Blanco's drug operation. Knowing he needed a significant influx of merchandise to elevate his status, Cosby asked Blanco for help, and the next day, he received 50 kilos worth $2 million on the street. Cosby acknowledged the risks at such a low margin, but he had a long-term vision and anticipated bigger paydays which eventually came to fruition. He became a millionaire 45 days following that shipment and a multi-millionaire six months later. Eventually, Cosby became Blanco's chief distributor in the U.S., running drug operations across five different cities.