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Part 2: Charles Cosby on Crack Hitting Oakland in 1984, Becoming a Drug Dealer as a Teen


The former lover and business partner of infamous drug lord Griselda Blanco, Charles Cosby, shared significant details about his early years growing up in Oakland, California. Cosby spoke about his family life being stable until the shocking moment his mother discovered his father was living a double life as a gay man. Cosby's mother, being a nurse, and his father having a stable job, had provided a better-than-average life until his mother overheard his father's explicit phone conversation with another man. A violent confrontation followed the revelation, leading to his father's departure from their lives for good, seeing Cosby and his siblings only about once a year. Cosby's mother soon slipped into alcoholism as a coping mechanism but still managed to provide for her four children despite her struggle.