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Part 13: Charles Cosby Slept with Griselda 100 Times in Prison, Her Being Twice His Age, Overweight
Part 11: Charles Cosby on Griselda Killing 3rd Husband Causing War with Escobar, $4M Hit on Her
Part 1: Charles Cosby on His Mom Catching His Dad Being Gay, Becoming Alcoholic After He Left


In an interview with Vlad, Charles Cosby recalls his unique relationship established through letters with Griselda Blanco, a woman serving time in a California prison. Introduced through a mutual acquaintance named Manuel, Charles began to correspond with Griselda with the aim of expanding his minor hustle and seizing an opportunity. Despite the age difference, the pair found a connection that led to several phone calls a day, building a solid bond that would eventually turn romantic. Having to wait due to probation constrictions, Charles finally met Griselda in person some months later. Describing this first meeting as electric, Charles recalls the nervous anticipation before finally making contact with Griselda, an event that seemed "like a dream." Their chemistry was instantaneous, with the pair hugging and kissing as though they had been a couple for years.