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Dominick Cicale shared detailed insights about a sanctioned hit on current Bonanno boss Michael Mancuso. According to Cicale, tensions between him and Mancuso escalated in 2005, leading him to seek permission from acting boss Vinny Basciano to eliminate Mancuso. Cicale recounted how Basciano, aware of their feud, authorized the hit, sparking meticulous plans for Mancuso's assassination on Valentine's Day. Cicale elaborated on scenarios he envisioned, including abducting Mancuso or implicating a Lucchese family member by staging the murder outside his girlfriend’s residence. However, Cicale's arrest thwarted the plan before it could be executed. Despite the turbulent past, Cicale does not fear potential retaliation from Mancuso, refuting any ongoing vendetta. He stressed his readiness to defend himself and his family if threatened, bluntly stating he would resort to lethal force if necessary.