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Dominick Cicale candidly revealed insights about his journey post-incarceration and his refusal to enter witness protection. Having spent almost half his life in prison, Cicale regrets his criminal past and wishes he had followed a legitimate career path. After his release, he was offered witness protection but declined, prioritizing being close to his children over the safety net the program offered. Determined to leave his criminal ways behind, Cicale committed wholeheartedly to a legitimate life, though not without facing significant challenges.

Despite encountering numerous scams and financial setbacks in the legitimate world, Cicale managed to find success. His pivotal moment came when he secured a $3 million construction project in Miami shortly after his release. Cicale's new life also includes humanitarian efforts, like working on water projects in developing countries. Proudly, he boasts of a spotless record since his release, symbolizing his complete transformation from his former life.