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Part 2: Dominick Cicale on Selling Drugs: There was No DEA, Our Neighborhood was Under the Radar


Former Bonanno mafia captain Dominick Cicale explains why the Genovese family has always been superior earners compared to other mafia families. Cicale attributes their success to their adherence to old-school traditions and maintaining a low profile. The Genovese family's modus operandi involves putting up numerous buffers to shield their true leaders, ensuring their operations remain clandestine. Cicale also shares insights from his upbringing in the Bronx, a neighborhood teeming with mafia affiliations, albeit without his knowing initially. His father and his uncle were Cicale's first exposures to the criminal world. Ironically, Cicale's close association with the Genovese family started by accident, through his father’s friend Ernie, who groomed him from a young age. Unlike other mafia families, the Genovese’s success lay in their traditional practices and strategic silence, a stark contrast highlighted by their infrequent media presence.