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Part 5: Meghann Cuniff on Rumor YSL Woody Admitted to Killing Nut & Was Told He Could Lie in Court
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Meghann Cuniff delved into the convoluted saga of Young Thug's trial, which is currently the longest in Georgia's history. The trial's turbulence escalated when Young Thug's attorney, Brian Steele, revealed a clandestine meeting between the presiding judge and key witness YSL Woody, who was in jail for contempt of court. Steele's dramatic confrontation led to his brief detention and a criminal contempt charge, a sentence the Georgia Supreme Court later stayed. Cuniff highlighted that Judge Glanville's handling of the secret meeting was highly unorthodox and legally questionable. The incident has spurred multiple recusal motions against him, alleging bias and partiality. Judge Glanville's own admission that the motions were sufficient to establish bias but lacked evidence was a significant legal misstep, complicating the proceedings further.