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Meghann Cuniff shared insights into the controversy surrounding YSL Woody and the rumors that he admitted to Donovan Thomas's murder during a meeting. According to Cuniff, the judge released a 56-page transcript of the meeting, which has become the center of heated debate. Defense attorney Brian Steele claimed that Kenneth Copeland (YSL Woody) confessed to the murder and was advised he could lie in court without repercussion.

However, Cuniff clarified that the transcript does not mention Donovan Thomas’s murder directly. Key lines in the document suggest potential exculpatory evidence, like Woody inquiring about the statute of limitations for murder. The defense team, represented by Steele, raised concerns about the meeting's legitimacy and its implications on the trial, suggesting that details might have remained undisclosed otherwise.

The dispute has intensified scrutiny of the trial, with defense attorneys filing recusal motions against the judges involved, potentially delaying proceedings. Despite the complex legal maneuvering, Cuniff emphasized that the released transcript—and its content—may not significantly alter the trial's outcome.