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Part 2: Meghann Cuniff on Rumored Video Proving Tory Lanez Didn't Shoot Megan Thee Stallion


Meghann Cuniff discussed the heated moment when Tory Lanez called her a "googly eyed b****" during his final court appearance. Following his sentencing on August 8th, Lanez's bail motion was rejected, prompting the derogatory outburst. While Cuniff admitted she didn't hear the insult firsthand, multiple sources confirmed it. Reflecting on the incident, Cuniff found humor in the situation, noting that it overshadowed the more mundane news of Lanez's bail denial. Recognizing the potential for viral fame, she capitalized on the controversy by launching a line of merchandise featuring the crude remark. Items ranging from mugs to hoodies proudly brandish the colorful insult, with mugs proving particularly popular.