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Part 28: Terrance Williams: I Robbed OG Blabber for $40K, He Talked About My Murder: We're Even
Part 26: Terrance "Gangsta" Williams Got Shot 3 Times, Never Knew Who the Shooters Were
Part 1: Terrance Gangsta Williams on People Saying He Looks Like Mannie Fresh, OG Giggity Nickname


Terrance "Gangsta" Williams opened up about the deep ties and violent potential within the streets. Recalling an intense moment involving Birdman and Sterling, Williams described a scenario where Sterling planned to rob Birdman, who had fronted them kilos. Williams expressed his disdain for the drug trade, highlighting the financial and moral mess it created. When asked whom he’d choose to kill if it came down to Birdman or Sterling, Williams revealed he would have killed Birdman. He reasoned that his bond with Sterling, reminiscent of brotherhood forged in the ghetto, made Sterling closer to him than Birdman, with whom he didn't share the same history.