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Terrance "Gangsta" Williams opened up about a significant transgression within the code of street ethics he once lived by. He recounted how he robbed O.G. Blabber of $40,000, explaining how he stole the money from Blabber's stash at a woman's house and deflected suspicion onto her. Blabber was outraged and initially wanted to kill the woman but eventually let it slide due to his affection for her. Despite the substantial theft, Williams justified his actions by pointing out that Blabber had ample wealth. Over time, the two men found themselves on an unusual path to equilibrium. "We both did the same," Williams remarked, referring to how Blabber boasted about a murder that eventually led to Williams receiving a life sentence. Williams revealed their tumultuous history of betrayals, noting that while their actions were extreme, they've ultimately balanced the scales.