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Part 27: Terrance "Gangsta" Williams: I Would've Killed Birdman Before Sterling if Forced to Choose
Part 25: Terrance "Gangsta" Williams on Killing 6 People by Age 15
Part 1: Terrance Gangsta Williams on People Saying He Looks Like Mannie Fresh, OG Giggity Nickname


Terrance "Gangsta" Williams shared his harrowing experiences of getting shot three separate times—in 1991, 1994, and 1996. Remarkably, Williams never discovered who his shooters were. Despite his turbulent past, Williams expressed a willingness to confront his assailants, saying he harbors no ill will and would even consider having lunch with them. Reflecting on his notorious street life, Williams admitted that he once thrived on instilling fear in others, mistaking it for power. However, he now realizes that fear only breeds more violence and sees it as a perilous attribute. Williams discussed the dangers of living a life of crime, including revenge and betrayal, leading him to distance himself from his former ways. His shift in perspective underscores the futility of fear and the value of leaving behind a life of violence for personal peace.