In October of 2021, a pair of fraternal twins nicknamed Kodiyak Redd and Flysoulja took the world by storm after uploading footage of themselves singing a hook that would go on to dominate social media for several months: "I'm an Island Boy." The clip would go on to garner over 20 million views on YouTube en route to becoming an official song with a big-budget music video. Subsequently, the guys were even offered a record deal by fellow Florida rapper Kodak Black. For a short while, The Island Boys became social media darlings appearing on hit shows such as No Jumper and Logan Paul's podcast, IMPAULSIVE

A throwback photo of The Island Boys, standing under the arms of the late Jeffrey Epstein, went viral this week and it's making fans question if their rise to stardom was as unlikely as it seemed two years ago, or greatly enhanced by a powerful billionaire. There are also conflicting reports that the images were photoshopped. Scroll up to take a look.

Source: YouTube