In October of last year, Flysoulja and Kodiyakredd went viral with an infamous clip of them singing an original composition called "I'm An Island Boy." Since then, America's favorite tattooed identical twins have cashed in on their celebrity status to the tune of a combined $600,000 net worth. While their self-promotional tactics may come across as slightly annoying to their rap contemporaries, there is no denying the fact that The Island Boys are quite exceptional when it comes to garnering attention and profiting from it. However, when you parade your earnings around on social media and you issue an open "celebrity boxing" challenge to any rapper on the planet, you are bound to come across everyday people who want to test your manhood.

Upon taking a recent trip to Hawaii, The Island Boys found out the hard way that pedestrians are more than willing to encroach upon their wealth and their hand-to-hand combat skills. Video footage of The Island Boys and their entourage engaging in a slugfest with a group of locals went viral over the weekend. Since then, various hip hop blogs such as No Jumper and Drama Alert have reported that the twins had their chains stolen during the fiasco and several Hawaiians who were on hand for the fight have claimed responsibility for the thievery. Nevertheless, on Sunday The Island Boys vehemently denied those reports in a series of scathing posts on Instagram.

Scroll up to watch The Island Boys condemn hip-hop news blogs and outlets for reporting that their chains were stolen.

Source: Instagram