During this past NFL off-season, former MVP Lamar Jackson made the unorthodox decision to represent himself going into a contract year with the Baltimore Ravens. As of now, both sides are at a standstill, having failed to come to a contractual agreement. One of the sticking points was Lamar's alleged demand for a large sum of the money to be guaranteed. Whether he chooses to remain with the team that drafted him or tests the free agent market, the dual-threat quarterback is in line for a hefty multi-year deal that could be somewhere in the neighborhood of Patrick Mahomes' deal with the Kansas City Cheifs ($503 million over 10 years) unless he suffers a major injury or succumbs to an unforeseen off-field matter. The latter came a little too close for comfort on Sunday night following the Baltimore Ravens' upset loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. In the wake of his team's dramatic one-point loss in the final seconds of week 12, a fan tweeted at Lamar with a comment about his value and his ongoing contract discussions with the Ravens.

 "When someone asking for over $250 mil guaranteed like [Lamar] ... games like [Ravens vs. Jaguars] should not come down to [kicker Justin Tucker]," the fan wrote. "Let Lamar walk and spend that money on a well-rounded team." 

Lamar didn't take too kindly to the fan chiming in about his contract or the way in which his team just lost a pivotal regular season game. So, he fired back.

"Boy STFU y'all be cappin too much on this app mf never smelt a football field never did s*** but eat d***."

Lamar deleted the tweet about three years later, but not before the tweet sparked debates and controversy on various social media apps and sporting news cycles, some of whom labeled the wording "homophobic." 

In the aftermath, the Baltimore Ravens have not directly acknowledged the controversial exchange on Twitter, and neither has Lamar.

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Source: Mirror