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Part 8: Ralfy The Plug Revisits Drakeo The Ruler's Funeral, Says He Spent $70K on the Service
Part 6: Ralfy the Plug on Seeing His Brother Drakeo The Ruler Stabbed & Killed at Concert
Part 1: Ralfy The Plug on Him & His Brother Drakeo the Ruler Getting Locked Up Since 11


In this clip, Ralfy The Plug explains why his family filed a $60 million wrongful death lawsuit against Live Nation because they neglected to provide Drakeo The Ruler with proper security before he was stabbed and killed at a concert in Los Angeles. From there he shares his disappointment about the city of L.A. losing two of its biggest stars (Nipsey Hussle & Drakeo The Ruler) during their prime. He then credits his late brother for inspiring Soulja Boy's antics on social media, while also giving Nipsey Hussle credit for providing people with the blueprint for being business-minded and working hard. As the conversation continues, Ralfy The Plug explains why he prefers being an independent artist and making his own business decisions as opposed to being signed to a major record label.

Interview by: Shirley Ju
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