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Part 2: Ralfy The Plug: Me and My Brother Drakeo the Ruler Started the Jerkin' Movement


In this clip, Ralfy The Plug explains to Shirly Ju exactly where he and his brother, Drakeo The Ruler, were raised in Los Angeles. From there, he talks about his relationship with his mom before revealing all of the troubles that he and his bother got into during their pre-teens. The Los Angeles native stated that his older brother once did something so egregious that the city of Pasadena banned him from entry at the tender age of 11. From there, he depicts what life was like for the two of them during their teens, as they were both arrested and locked up several times before they started taking their music careers seriously. He also explains why he was kicked out of so many middle schools before admitting that he never finished high school. Lastly, Ralfy The Plug talks about listening to mixtapes by artists such as Future and the influence that his music had on their style as musicians.

Interview by: Shirley Ju
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