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Part 7: Ralfy the Plug on Family Suing Live Nation for $60M Over Drakeo's Wrongful Death
Part 1: Ralfy The Plug on Him & His Brother Drakeo the Ruler Getting Locked Up Since 11


In this clip, Ralfy The Plug revisits laying his brother, Drakeo The Ruler, to rest before revealing that he spent about $70K on the funeral. From there, he talks about releasing his brother's first posthumous album since his passing and his business plans for dropping more songs from Drakeo's music catalog, as the proprietor of Stinc Team record label. From there he talks about releasing a tribute to Drakeo called "Truth Hurts." As the conversation moves along, the Los Angeles native explains why he likes working with Bay Area rappers such as AllBlack, how much he charges other artists for a feature and what other rappers he's listening to at the moment. Lastly, he talks about some of his goals in the near future such as buying a house and getting more of his merchandise (clothes, skateboards, bottled water, etc) out to the public.

Interview by: Shirley Ju
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