In response to Eazy-E's daughter, Ree, who recently shared her discontent with DJ Vlad's memorial post to Eazy that also called for HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness, Vlad has issued a statement to clarify the intention of the post while also standing by its overall message. 

"I recently made a post on @VladTV's Instagram about Eazy-E passing," Vlad said in his statement, "In the caption, I not only sent my condolences but also talked about AIDS awareness. I stated that "AIDS is real" and people should use condoms, get themselves and their partners tested, use instant HIV test kits like Oraquick, as well as exploring HIV prevention medication like Truvada."

Vlad was clear that he stood by his statement, adding that there are 37 million people currently living with HIV, with two million new cases diagnosed annually. 

Vlad went on to address the video made by Eazy's daughter, Ree, by conceding that he had spoken to friends and family of Eazy and he continues to have the utmost respect for all of them, while still maintaining his own viewpoints on the tragic passing of such an iconic emcee.

Speaking to the controversy directly, Vlad said that while some of the people he spoke to believe that "Suge Knight or the CIA secretly killed Eazy, I do not subscribe to this theory."

To conclude his statement, Vlad included a quote from Eazy himself who expressed a desire to be an example for others to learn from, identifying that valuable lesson as a positive by-product to such a tragic situation. 

"It's been almost 25 years since Eazy's passing and there's still no cure for AIDS," Vlad concluded, "Let's make sure that his very important words have a positive effect on people's lives and aren't overshadowed by conspiracy theories."