As a response to DJ Vlad's post in memorial of Eazy-E, his daughter has taken to social media to announce her disapproval of its message, claiming that Vlad had been told by family members that her father was actually murdered. 

The clip starts off with Eazy's daughter referencing the recent poll DJ Vlad posted on Twitter, brushing off the idea that the public appears split on whether or not Eazy caught AIDS from unprotected sex or was injected by Suge Knight. 

"I'm not even mad about the Suge Knight post like that because I'm like whatever it's not real, but for you to be posting my dad's obituary to say rest in peace, and then follow that by saying 'AIDS is real use a condom,' when he spoke to a few members of my family and knows that AIDS didn't kill my father, that s*** is pissing me off."

In the footage, Eazy's daughter is clearly upset about the post as she calls Vlad a number of insults and infers that "she's never known anyone to be so lame in the media like this," before looking into the camera to say "you're canceled for real, chill out, respect my family, if you want to say rest in peace how are you disrespecting my dad's legacy by saying AIDS is real use a condom, when that's not even the case and you know that."

It appears that the circumstances around Eazy-E's death continue to be disputed to this day.