For decades there have been different opinions on the tragic death of Eazy E, some of which were fueled by Suge Knight when he appeared to suggest the late rapper was injected with the AIDS virus himself by way of murder. Nonetheless, it's long been reported that Eazy contacted the virus through unprotected sex, which in effect made his passing a painful reminder to always be cautious and take care of your health above all. With that in mind, Vlad recently scribed a post in memory of the iconic emcee, complete with a message that encouraged his listeners to take their health seriously.

In the post, Vlad wrote "Rest In Peace #eazye. #hiv and #aids are real," before adding that's it's imperative to use protection whenever in doubt. "Get yourself and your partner tested. There’s a product called #oraquick which is available at every major pharmacy that let’s you take a home HIV test and instantly get the results. There’s a daily pill called #truvada thats extremely effective in preventing HIV if you come in contact with it. Take your health seriously. You only have one life."

Source: Instagram