You can’t stop the reign.

The world has fallen in love with Black Panther, and the turnout in numbers has been extraordinary. The Chadwick Boseman superhero movie has been crushing the box office, and it’s on track to make history.

Forbes recently reported that movie had its third “fifth Friday of wide release” which grossed $7.52 million. The strength in numbers made this a historic event placing it in the ranks of Titanic, which made $30 million in 1998, Avatar, which made $10.3 million in 2010 and Frozen, which made 10.1 in 2014.

The success of the movie will likely continue through the weekend. If so, the movie will be the second fastest earner ever behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Numbers don’t lie, and Forbes reports that the movie is pacing to be an all-time great. If it stays on track, the movie will “be the third-leggiest MCU movie behind only Ant-Man ($180m/$58m = 3.11x) and Guardians of the Galaxy ($377m/$94m = 3.5x). And once it gets to $629m, it’ll be the biggest superhero movie ever in North America and the second-leggiest MCU flick of all time.”

The only place where the movie is slightly suffering is in China. It’s no short number by far, but it’s only made $90-$100 million in total over there. This number rolls up into the $650 million that it’s made in North America and an astounding $1.3 billion worldwide.