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Part 24: 1090 Jake on Being a White Blood in Prison, Gang More Important than Race in Florida Jail
Part 22: 1090 Jake on G Face Snitching on Mexican Mafia, In Fear of His Life
Part 1: 1090 Jake on People Calling Bun B a Snitch for Taking Stand Against Home Invader He Shot


1090 Jake discussed the controversial claims surrounding King Von and the rumored implication of him being a serial killer. Jake affirmed that the allegations seemed credible, emphasizing Von's apparent pride and enjoyment in his violent actions, which he often flaunted on social media. The conversation turned to Trenches News, which has been criticized for snitching on FBG Duck's killers, aligning with the feds during a significant trial. Trenches News defended his actions by portraying himself as a voice of reason amidst ongoing chaos. However, Jake criticized him, suggesting that his involvement in criminal activities initially tainted his credibility. Vlad weighed in, differentiating between types of "snitching"—one being self-serving betrayal in a crime and the other a civic duty to report heinous acts like murder. He noted that in the world of crime, betrayal is almost inevitable, as highlighted in the downfall of major operations like BMF.