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Part 2: 1090 Jake: If Someone Invaded Home Like Bun B I'd Kill Him So I Wouldn't Have to Take Stand


1090 Jake discussed the controversy surrounding rapper Bun B, who recently faced criticism for testifying against a home invader he shot during a break-in. Bun B, a member of the legendary UGK, intervened when an armed intruder targeted his wife, shooting the assailant in the garage. The intruder was later sentenced to 40 years in prison. Despite Bun B’s actions being seen by some as snitching, Vlad and 1090 Jake disagree. 1090 Jake noted that people change over time and that Bun B, now in his fifties with a family, should not necessarily be judged by his past. Vlad emphasized that in self-defense situations, cooperation with authorities is often required, and both agreed that Bun B acted responsibly given the circumstances.