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Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair revealed some startling statistics about drug use in the league. Telfair stated that during his career, 80% of NBA players failed drug tests, primarily for marijuana rather than performance-enhancing drugs. Reflecting on his playing years, Telfair noted significant changes in drug testing protocols. Initially, players were subject to a single drug test, but after new collective bargaining agreements were introduced, testing increased to four random checks per year. He criticized this approach, suggesting it unfairly impacted players' careers, notably referencing Michael Beasley.

While Telfair dismissed the widespread use of steroids in the NBA, he acknowledged that rumors and speculations persisted. He cited coach George Karl, who has openly discussed potential steroid use among NBA players, mentioning how some players were extending their careers and boosting performance unusually. Despite these claims, Telfair defended notable players like LeBron James, emphasizing their natural talent and early prowess in the sport, separate from any steroid allegations.