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Part 22: 1090 Jake on G Face Snitching on Mexican Mafia, In Fear of His Life
Part 20: 1090 Jake on Quadruple Shooting Rod Wave was Blamed For: Rod Wasn't the Fat Guy in Video
Part 1: 1090 Jake on People Calling Bun B a Snitch for Taking Stand Against Home Invader He Shot


1090 Jake discussed the man behind Youtube channel Hoodfishing Entertainment, who was shot four times. He gained popularity for his unique fishing videos, portraying a seemingly carefree lifestyle. However, Jake revealed a darker backstory that includes a history of violence and cooperation with law enforcement. The content creator was previously involved in a violent incident where he was shot and subsequently cooperated with authorities, leading to significant prison sentences for the perpetrators. This cooperation earned him a “snitch” label in his community. The recent shooting appears to be related to this old beef. Jake also mentioned that he was affiliated with the 5150 Committee rap group, involved in various violent incidents. Despite changing his lifestyle, his past connections and actions seem to have continued repercussions.