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1090 Jake discussed the legal intricacies surrounding high-profile cases involving YSL members, including Young Thug, Gunna, and Woody. Vlad mentioned he had previously spoken with Gunna's lawyer, who now represents Donald Trump, about the complexities of pleading the Fifth due to potential federal indictments. Jake pointed out that Woody appeared ill-informed and perhaps manipulated, particularly given that he fired his lawyer, likely a public defender, in court.

Jake speculated on why Young Thug didn't ensure that key co-defendants like Woody had competent legal representation. He suggested that Thug might not be allowed to pay for someone potentially testifying against him, though Vlad countered that defendants could choose their payment sources. Jake posited it wouldn't be in Thug's interest to fund a lawyer who might end up working against him. Overall, both Vlad and Jake deemed the ongoing trial a "circus," hinting at possible appeals and mistrials in the future.