Diddy has been facing massive allegations related to sexual assault, with a former collaborator named Lil Rod suing the mogul for $30 million. In the lawsuit, Rod claims Diddy and others sexually assaulted him. Diddy has been laying low from the public amid the allegations but recently went viral on social media after trending. 

On X, a hashtag saying “No Diddy” began to trend, which is reportedly being used as a replacement for the term “no homo.” Since then, 50 Cent gave his thoughts on the trending topic, seemingly laughing at Diddy in the process. 

50 took to Instagram and reposted screenshots of “No Diddy” being used on X. Via his Instagram caption, 50 said, “👀oh, I f**k wit son that’s my man No Diddy. 🤨I’ll Boom you right Now! F**k outta here! LOL.”