The Supreme Court made a significant decision today in favor of former President Donald Trump, ruling unanimously that states cannot bar him from the primary ballot for his alleged role in the January 6th riot. This decision affects Colorado and applies to all 50 states, just one day before Super Tuesday.

The court determined that it is Congress, not the states, who hold responsibility for enforcing Section Three of the 14th Amendment, which bars individuals who have participated in an insurrection from holding federal office. This ruling reverses decisions in Colorado, Maine, and Illinois, as well as halts efforts in seven other states with similar cases.

Former President Trump, who has often been critical of the US court system, praised the ruling as unifying and inspirational. He stated that he believes it will bring the country together, a sentiment that is greatly needed in the current climate.

While this decision allows Trump to remain on the primary ballot, the former president still faces legal jeopardy next month when the justices will hear his argument regarding presidential immunity in relation to his actions to overturn the 2020 election results.

Source: Youtube