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Part 47: Boosie on Quality Control Pee's Snitching Allegations: I'll Have No Friends if I Comment
Part 1: Boosie on His Gun Case: I've Never Seen So Many People Wishing on My Downfall


In this clip, Vlad tells Boosie about Quality Control's Pee speaking to cops about a past murder incident. Vlad offers evidence he obtained, recounting a statement from Pee in the police report. In the report, Pee admits to having a fear for his life after a threatening comment was made. He describes his own confrontation that resulted in a chase with an armed individual at a mall. He also shares that he had a personal connection with the subject, who had allegedly shot and killed his friend. Information revealed included a physical description of the suspect, noting a tattoo but none on the facial area, and possibly his height as five foot nine inches. Later on, Boosie comments on the sad inevitability of street life and being forced to adapt to its harsh reality, and notes his intention to voice out his opinion to relevant individuals in the future. Despite the serious implications of the discussed events, Vlad and Boosie observe that, for the average Hip-Hop fan, such matters are seemingly insignificant.