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Part 2: Boosie on Going to Federal Jail, Inmates Quoting His VladTV Interview Catch Phrase


In a new interview with VladTV, Boosie addressed his current legal situation and reflected on his past trials and tribulations. Boosie admitted that he is facing an open case but did not go into detail about the charges. However, he expressed his faith in God and his determination to overcome any challenges he faces. Boosie also discussed the misconceptions surrounding his past legal issues, asserting that he has never been reckless or involved with guns. He emphasized that he has never been convicted of a violent felony and that his drug charges were primarily related to marijuana, which is now legal in many parts of the country. Boosie attributes some of his legal troubles to having encountered unfavorable judges who had a bias against him due to his outspoken nature. Despite the difficulties he has faced, Boosie remains confident that he will come out triumphant and emphasizes his role as a father and a responsible member of society.