YK Osiris is none too happy after fellow Jacksonville rapper Foolio claimed that the R&B singer gave him NBA YoungBoy's hotel room number when he was staying in their hometown.

Foolio and YoungBoy's run-in happened in 2019, but details surrounding the incident recently resurfaced after Foolio spoke about it in an interview with Cam Capone News. Foolio explained that he confronted NBA YoungBoy for saying "foolio" in his songs, which YoungBoy later told the Florida rapper that it was slang in Louisiana, not a diss. 

After Foolio claimed that it was YK Osiris who gave him NBA YoungBoy's room number, YK Osiris took to Instagram to deny any involvement in the situation. He stated, "This s**t is so l*me, bro. I gotta get on here and defend myself every freakin' time. I be chillin', drinking my margarita."

YK Osiris added, "A n***a wanna come up here and cap, and get clickbaits. Man, leave me the f**k out of that, n***a. You know damn well I ain't got nothing to do with that. Stand on your own. You a man, bruh, stand on your own. I'm not with none of that, bruh. That ain't no real n***a s**t."