In a recent interview, rapper Foolio discusses his encounter with NBA YoungBoy and the role that fans play in instigating conflicts between artists. The Jacksonville rapper spoke about YoungBoy making songs using the term "foolio," which fans misinterpreted as a diss towards Foolio. This led to rumors and tension between the two artists. Foolio spoke about coming to YoungBoy's hotel in Jacksonville, and he clarified that he approached Young Boy not to harm him, but to simply ask him the meaning of the term. 

The rapper also touches upon the influence fans have on perpetuating conflicts in the music industry. He explains that internet trolls and clickbait headlines often distort situations and exacerbate tensions between artists. Foolio emphasized that fans should consider the real-life consequences that these conflicts can have, as lives are on the line in some instances.

When asked about his record deal, Foolio reveals that he turned down several offers from major labels, including Atlantic and Quality Control Music. He admits that in the beginning, he lacked understanding of the business side of the industry, but over time, he learned the ins and outs, which worked out well for him.

Source: Youtube