On April 26, 1995, New Line Cinema released a film called Friday. The movie humorously depicted L.A. gang life and weed culture with an all-star cast led by the production's co-writer, Ice Cube, John Witherspoon, Regina King, and Chris Tucker. Shortly after the movie became a cult classic, Tucker ascended to "leading man" status in Hollywood and never looked back, despite rumors and pleas from fans of the Friday Franchise for him to make a triumphant return. In recent years, Ice Cube and Chris Tucker have gone back and forth regarding why.

Ice Cube previously stated that Tucker turned down nearly $12 million to return, while his former co-star refuted those claims. Now, it appears that hope of a possible on-screen reunion is becoming less likely. In a recent appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Ice Cude stated that Mike Epss, who replaced Chris Tucker as his co-star in the sequel to the original film, is funnier than his predecessor.

"I'm glad [Chris] didn't do it because we would have Mike [Epps]," Ice Cube said. "Mike, to me, is funnier, just as a pure comic."

Scroll up and skip ahead to the 45:43 mark to hear Ice Cube dish on his approach to making the Friday Franchise and why he believes Chris Tucker departed before he makes an interesting comparison between his two former co-stars in the films.

Source: Hip Hop DX