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Part 11: Aries Spears & Vlad Argue over Black vs White Entertainers Getting "Cancelled"
Part 9: Aries Spears on Why Mike Tyson Flew Him Out for Podcast & Then Cancelled Him
Part 1: Aries Spears: Chris Brown Dances Better than R Kelly, But Kelly Danced Around His Charges


In this clip, Aries Spears and DJ Vlad refer to one of Mike Tyson's podcast interviews with Ice Cube about purchasing the 'Friday' Franchise from Warner Bros. This prompts a discussion about the 'Friday' to which Aries states his belief that most fans of the production would prefer to have Chris Tucker back as the iconic 'Smokey' character over Mike Epps as 'Day-Day.' Then, Aries expresses his concern about Tucker as a comedian in the would-be project by indicating that he's lost some of his comedic edginess due to the religion that he's chosen. He even cites Tucker's "downfall" as an actor since the "Rush Hour" trilogy. In response, DJ Vlad goes down a list of Tucker's filmography to contest that notion. To that, Aries compares Tucker to NFL legend Barry Sanders, who suddenly stopped playing football in his prime.