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In this clip, Shawn Prez started off speaking to Jody Breeze about how money changes people, including how it brings out the true intentions of a person. Jody then explained that money isn’t supposed to make a person, and he went on to add that he knows a lot of rappers before money. Moving along, Jody spoke about his close relationship with Gucci Mane, and he stated that he knew that Jeezy and Gucci would end up beefing. Jody added that Gucci Mane is a “real one,” and Jody stated that he’s proud of how Gucci Mane turned out today. Speaking more about Gucci, Jody stated that people weren’t really messing with Gucci around the “So Icy” era, and he added that Gucci is really from the streets.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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