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Part 2: Jody Breeze on Being Hesitant to Pursue Rap Because it Was Viewed as "Lame"


Jody Breeze came through for his first-ever VladTV interview, and he started off by speaking to Shawn Prez about originally being from Griffin, Georgia, which is 40 miles south of Atlanta. Jody then spoke about losing his stepfather three years ago, and he added that his father died two years ago of an overdose. He explained that he came from a close family, but Jody added that he also had to watch his family. When asked about his stepfather, Jody revealed that he had a tighter bond with him rather than his biological father, and Jody went on to speak about being a “terrible” kid. Jody clarified that he was a good kid, but he added that he knew that he was going to be something big, so he didn’t put too much stock into school.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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