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Part 16: Beanie Sigel on Cam'ron & Jay-Z Tension, Rumor He Broke CD with Cam Verse
Part 14: Beanie Sigel on How 'Roc the Mic' Came Together: I Didn't Want Jay-Z to Hear It
Part 1: Beanie Sigel on Going from Selling Drugs to Robbing Drug Dealers as a Kid in Philly


In this clip, legendary Roc-A-Fella rapper Beanie Sigel recalls the events leading up to Aaliyah's tragic passing after he revealed that the late R&B songstress was on her way to record music with him before she died. From there, the Philadelphia native recalls collaborating with Scarface on "Guess Who's Back." As the discussion moves along, Beanie touches on a string of arrests that included assault and attempted murder before addressing the success of State Property.