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Part 15: Beanie Sigel: Aaliyah was On Her Way to Record w/ Us when She Died in Plane Crash
Part 13: Beanie Sigel: Freeway Never Wanted to Diss Nas or The Lox During Roc-a-Fella Beef
Part 1: Beanie Sigel on Going from Selling Drugs to Robbing Drug Dealers as a Kid in Philly


In this clip, Vlad started off speaking to Beanie Sigel about dropping “The Reason,” his second album, which went to #5 on the Billboard charts. Beanie then revealed that he wasn’t finished with the album when Roc-A-Fella told him to drop it, and Beanie explained that he didn’t know how to make an album until “The Becoming.” Vlad went on to speak about the State Property movie coming out in 2002, and Beanie revealed that he almost didn’t get on “Roc The Mic,” the big single from the soundtrack. Beanie then explained that it was his brother that convinced him to get on the song, and Beanie added that he didn’t want Jay-Z to hear it until it was finished. To hear more, including Beanie revealing that Omillio Sparks is “sick to this day” about his verse not making the cut, hit the above clip.