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Part 13: Robert Kiyosaki on Owning 12,000 Rental Units, Sued for $24M & Filing Bankruptcy
Part 11: Robert Kiyosaki on "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" Still #1 After 25 Years, Influencing Will Smith
Part 1: Robert Kiyosaki, Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Flunked High School, Couldn't Write


In this clip, renowned businessman and author Robert Kiyosaki reflects back on writing his New York Times Best Seller with Donald Trump called "Why We Want You to Be Rich." From there, he discusses his friendship with Donald Trump's sons before he engages in a thought-provoking conversation with DJ Vlad about the significance of earning a college degree. After DJ Vlad shares his viewpoint on the importance of earning a degree, Kiyosaki offers an opposing view by stating that American schools don't teach students about managing/earning money. From there, Kiyosaki details why the American schooling system resembles marxism before outlining his disdain for President Biden's political tactics.