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Part 12: Robert Kiyosaki and Vlad Debate the Importance of a College Education
Part 10: Robert Kiyosaki on "Finding Your Mission", Tells Vlad He's Found His with VladTV
Part 1: Robert Kiyosaki, Author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," Flunked High School, Couldn't Write


In this clip, Robert Kiyosaki details his thought process leading up to the making of his New York Times Best Seller, "Rich Dad Poor Dad." In response, Kiyosaki reveals to DJ Vlad that his book has been #1 in Publisher's Weekly for 25 years. From there, he talks about the impact of his famous interview with Oprah Winfrey and network marketing before reflecting back on connecting with the cooperate officials at Amway. He also briefly touches on his friendship with Will Smith after DJ Vlad told him that he taught his son about financial responsibility through his book.