T-Boz took to social media to reveal her daughter was targeted by sex traffickers while trying to make her way out of the doctor’s office. 

The TLC singer spoke on the situation, saying her daughter noticed a weird object on her windshield wiper and automatically knew she shouldn’t touch it. “You’ll always hear about sex trafficking and stuff like that, so my daughter was just leaving the doctor’s office and when she came to the car, she had a weird thing on her windshield wiper. So instead of touching it, ’cause when you do they’ll have some kind of drug or substance on there that’ll make you drowsy and knock you out,” said T-Boz.

The singer explained her daughter's steps to ensure her safety: "She looked at her surroundings. She hurried up and, got in the car, drove off. Went to a safe, crowded location and took some object to knock it off.” T-Boz then expressed her concern, saying, “I hear they put trackers on your car so if you have a father, brother, male around, police station, wherever, make sure y’all check for trackers so they won’t track you guys home or to the next location.” Last year, Tisha Campbell spoke of an alleged sex trafficking scare where kidnappers almost took her. Take a look above. 

source: Instagram