News related to Mystikal’s current rape case has surfaced, with court documents requesting that a gag order be set to protect the rapper’s privacy. 

The documents were obtained by The Advocate, and they noted that the former No Limit Records artist’s new lawyer Tiffany Crosby filed the gag order request. The request would cover the rapper’s rape and false imprisonment case in Ascension Parish near Louisiana. The request’s reasoning mentioned too much publicity surrounding the topics. The gag would not allow attorneys from both sides to bring up anything related to the issues. The document specifies “any individual or entity,” including media outlets like radio, television or newspapers.”

If approved, the order would extend to “all potential witnesses and law enforcement officials who either will or might testify at the trial of this case or who have information.” Mystikal was previously charged with first-degree rape and is facing the possibility of life in prison

source: The Advocate