Update 09/08/2022 12:08am:

According to reports, Mystikal has been formally charged with first degree rape for an attack that allegedly occurred at his Ascension Parish home back in July. 

Mystikal, real name Michael Tyler, was officially indicted on first-degree rape, simple criminal damage to property, domestic abuse battery by strangulation, simple robbery, and false imprisonment in the July assault. The victim claims Mystikal beat her and focibly raped her while disallowing her to leave by taking her car keys and cell phone. Authorities say the rapper sent money to himself from the victim's phone before eventually letting her leave. 

He now faces a potential life sentence if convicted on this latest rape charge. Mystikal remains in police custody.

Original 08/04/2022 11:41am:

More details have emerged in Mystikal's rape case after he was denied bond on Tuesday (August 2) after a judge ruled that the 51-year-old rapper would be held until his trial. 

During the bond hearing, Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith testified, revealing that the July 30 incident happened between Mystikal and a woman his lawyers claim has been in a long-term relationship with the rapper. The arrest report states that the woman went to Mystikal's home around 8 pm to speak to him about past financial commitments he made to her, and things reportedly went bad when Mystikal accused the woman of stealing $100 from him. 

While the woman tried to find the cash, she found a "crystalline substance," and law enforcement officials confirmed that meth, Xanax, heroin, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia were found in Mystikal's home. An altercation then ensued, with the woman claiming that Mystikal punched, choked, and pulled her hair out. 

After the alleged beating, the woman says that Mystikal became remorseful and splashed her with rubbing alcohol to cleanse her "bad spirits" while he prayed. The woman then claims that Mystikal asked if he could "feel" on her, which led to him pushing her on the bed and allegedly raping her. Following the alleged rape, Mystikal then asked the woman to Cashapp him $100, and she claims he took her phone and sent himself $150 and told her to leave.

Upon leaving, the woman contacted a friend, who took her to the hospital, where the crime was reported. A rape kit was administered on the woman, and medical staff found that her injuries were consistent with her rape claims. 

Mystikal was arrested and booked on first-degree rape, simple robbery, felony domestic abuse battery by strangulation and two other counts. He is also facing an additional five drug counts.

Source: The Advocate