With athleticism remindful of former NBA MVPs Derrick Rose (2011) and Russell Westbrook (2017), Ja Morant has already become one of the league's cornerstones. But lately, the Memphis Grizzlies' star point guard has become more visible for his laundry list of off-court allegations, such as the "red laser" gun incident, the strip club occurrence in Colorado, assault accusations involving a teenager, and more. On Wednesday night, ESPN aired a sit-down between Ja and sports analyst Jalen Rose. Among the many topics discussed was Ja's decision to check into a counseling center in Florida and being a better example for his infant daughter, Kaari Jaidyn Morant. Ja's remorsefulness during the Q&A session was well-received, but not everyone was happy with the interviewer.

Shortly after watching a clip of the interview, Marcus "Doc" Holliday, a former running back with the Memphis Tigers in college (he also played for the St. Louis Rams in the NFL) and a celebrity in the Memphis area, responded with a direct message for Jalen on Twitter. Holliday claimed that Jalen was behaving more like a member of law enforcement trying to generate a confession on live TV.

"J-Rose, you sound like a prosecutor, man." Holliday said. "You sound like a prosecutor! You're trying to get him to admit that he actually, indeed, was holding a gun and trying to tell him whose gun it was. [Are you] trying to get him to incriminate himself, man? I'm glad he sat down and gave the interview, and I know Ja [is going to] be okay, but are you a prosecutor J-Rose?"

Scroll up and press play to watch Doc Holliday's full response.

Source: Twitter